classes-box-icon Mr. Narayan Banerji Chief Aviation Manager(retired). Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

I have learned yoga from Renu at Bharat Thakur's artistic yoga since 2007. she is an excellent teacher who gives personal attention to each student in her class . she makes sure that each student's posture and breathing are perfect. I have learned valuable lessons in yoga and diet from Renu. I wish her the very best.

classes-box-icon Mr. Samikant Chindarkar . 9833883917 Philiphs India ltd. Head Govt. Business India And Sub continent

I would like to thank Renu Kalsi for teaching me yoga and bring a lot changes in my life in terms of fitness and Discipline.

classes-box-icon Meeta Zaveri

Renu Kalsi is experienced yoga teacher. It was a great learning experience. I highly recommended her

classes-box-icon Ira Garewal

I first started yoga with Renu in 2010. I had a baby and I was completely out of shape. She started me on a journey that forever changed my body, mind and life. The postures, the breathing, the self-awareness that was taught in her class was second to none. She is the best yoga teacher I have ever had, And today I can never learn from any other teacher. God Bless you.

classes-box-icon Hetal Pillai Classical Katthak Dancer

Renu Kalsi is my one and only favorite yoga teacher. Renu had me fall in love with yoga. I remembered I reached 108 suryanamaskars in about 3 months. Her classes are very motivating, inspiring & fun. She also offers a beautiful explanation of the science & Physiology of each pose like no other yoga teacher I have experienced.Now I wouldn't do yoga class without her she is the best.

classes-box-icon Kiran Mirpuri Teacher

Being a preschool teacher is very stress full for me but, practicing yoga with Renu Kalsi helped me calm down. She was very focused and approachable She was my teacher from last4 years , and one of the best yoga teacher I have come across

classes-box-icon Ruksana Tabassum Professional Artiest

Renu Kalsi besides being a fantastic yoga teacher is also a good being human.She not only gives importance to a physical well-being but also to positive, calm and beautiful mind. Thank you for being my teacher.

classes-box-icon Sherya Narayan Actress

Entering Renu's class is like entering a spa. Her voice and choice of music soothe from word go. Her yoga remains true to the way it was meant to be done, yet she adds elements to surprise us with stretches of muscles we did not know existed in our own body. She gifted me a great body and peaceful mind. My best experience with Power Yoga till date! Thanks, Renu!

classes-box-icon Bimal Oberoi Executive Producer Writer

I am a film-maker and had a working out on a regular basis for the last 26 years now. I was primarily in weight training until i was introduced to yoga some 5 years back. I am Religiously doing yoga for about 2 years with Renu Kalsi and post I have been continuously doing it. The main reason for being there is a world difference between the two, the benefits are flexibility, fewer chances of injuries, no muscle pains and it brings the inner peace because of pranayama and meditation . My suggestions to everyone is to try it for just for one month and see the difference.

classes-box-icon Kevin Shah Industrial Engineer from University from Houston And Owner MD of Kevin Enterprises Pvt ltd

I have myself enrolled for Yoga at several places in the past & so I can truly benchmark Renu as simply brilliant. What I liked about her is that she has figured out the optimum pace for a class & variation of postures. At the end of a session, her style leaves one just as relaxed as energized. Her keen eye & alertness is a bonus for those seeking to do group sessions, as no student is left unattended. For anyone looking to lose weight without running or add flexibility or simply looking to tone up, I would strongly recommend Power Yoga with Renu.

classes-box-icon Priyanka Bose Actress

Renu your training and your capacity to get the best out of me have truly made me a stronger person from the inside. You give rarely into any of preconceived conditions that person may come and work towards breaking my bad habits. I had a meniscus tear repair surgery after which during rehabilitation I started your classes to create your focus , discipline and more strength in my body and my mind.

classes-box-icon Kalyan Guha Producer Film Farm India Pvt Ltd

Renu has been providing yoga instruction to a number of students including myself at Bharat Thakur's, Artistic Yoga Since 2009.seeing her dedication in the group classes and interaction at the classes I then moved to hire her service as a private tutor which helps me yoga immensely.

Renu consistently arrived on time completely prepared for each session. Her classes ran smoothly and with focus and patience. a clear reflection of her experience as a yoga teacher and as a practitioner. Renu's enjoyment of practice of yoga is very apparent in her teaching. in which she incorporates many insights regarding the spiritual and physical benefits of the practice of yoga.

She integrates a great deal of variety from class to class and provides careful instruction on continual refinement of the foundations of yoga. A particularly impressive quality of Renu's instruction is the individual attention and support to each of her

It was great pleasure that i highly recommended Renu Kalsi as a yoga teacher

classes-box-icon Radhika Batra Shah Radhika Fine Teas

Renu Kalsi has been my "Yog Guru" Since 2008. My introduction into this world of "mind - body- soul" healing has been a boon, thanks to Renu's passion and dedication to her students. I enrolled at "Bharat Thakur's" yoga class in Bandra... Since then she was not just a "teacher" but also a "guide" to self-discovery, wellness, meditation, nutrition, benefits of yoga and so much more 2013 onwards Renu has become my personal teacher and teaches the art of yoga to my husband Girish Shah who heads Marketing and sales At Godrej properties, my daughter Shloka and myself. She is our solace to a fit healthy us in our hectic schedule.

classes-box-iconAjit Bhagchandani Sr.GM At In flight services Jet Airways

Because being a corporate person at times your stress factors are high and you retain a lot of stuff which actually can be harmful to your health and emotions thus you need to say out and it helps.

Renu will mix various forms of yoga in every session to make the sessions interesting and challenging most importantly for an overall good health. She is patient and enthusiastic master and I would look forward to every session. I definitely noticed a good change on me. Physically and mentally Renu's sessions are good and motivated me to practice and learn more about yoga and I will be studying Yoga more in details. Thank you, Renu and I wish her the very best.

classes-box-icon Barkha Rahul Sharma

Enjoyed Renu's classes yoga classes always so motivating and fun...

classes-box-icon Harshita Gaur Actress

I had excellent training sessions with Renu. It helped me in begin fit,healthy and slim..

classes-box-icon Kaplna Pandit Model / Actress

" I admire the ancient brilliant science and art form of YOGA from the bottom of my heart! In my busy schedules of constant work and travel, I had the opportunity to learn Yoga for a while from Renu Kalsi. Completely inspirational, strong, knowledgeable, kind yet firm with her students as we learn and progress. She makes us want to attend her next class right away each day! I looked forward to her morning classes with great excitement because she changes our complete mind,body,soul connection she creates with her method of teaching! I can't wait to be able to learn from her again! Thank you Renu for instilling a forever respect for Yoga in me" Warm regards, Kalpana Pandit.

classes-box-icon Pravin Talan Fashion Photographer

The time that I spent learning Yoga from you has made me realize some very important things about myself and also about Yoga. Everyone who knows Yoga can not teach Yoga, for that one, needs to understand the philosophy and spirit of Yoga and not just the techniques. That is what makes you different and exceptional. You don't just teach the techniques but you help people reach out to their inner self, to have a meaningful conversation with their soul and make them believe that body is blessed with its own healing power if we know rightfully how to concentrate. You have this amazing quality of becoming not just a teacher but a friend, you become this one person anyone will have complete faith in and surrender- which is perhaps the first step towards healing- TO BELIEVE. Thank you for always being around as a friend and as a teacher.

classes-box-icon Mahip Dhillon Associate Director / Film Maker

Renu is a fabulous yoga teacher. She has a placidness about her that immediately slows the frenzy in a person. Starting from there, she builds focus and strength, in both mind and body. Her knowledge of yoga and the human body is vast and thorough. One tends to instinctively trust her with oneself. She inspires that. There's nothing jarring or forceful about her methods; she is gently relentless. Her commitment to a student is absolute. She's so organic and fluid in her approach and teaching, that one doesn't even know when one's body changes the way it does. At the end of a few weeks of training with her, one is toned, flexible and strong. That hourly workout with her becomes an addiction - a daily dose of detox and sculpting of mind and body.

classes-box-icon Simi Khanna

Renu to the most dedicated and inspiring and informative yoga teacher..every session with Renu leads me towards the untrodden path of abundant positive energy which each of us has but are unaware of... each session with you unveils a different aspect of living life positively.

classes-box-icon Nazia Furniturewala

Renu with you coming back in my life comes back a keen listener friend.. who makes me feel beautiful even when I am at my worst! with you comes back positivity, music fitness with yoga of course! and all this makes me happy ! Thank's A lot..

classes-box-icon Maysha Furniturewala

Yoga Makes me feel energetic,healthy,flexible and makes me active for dancing and sports

classes-box-icon Bharat Jasani

Renu has conducted classes at our Jai-Vanita Center 107, Aram Nagar part 2 Varsova from since 2006 to 2011 attended by celebrities and people of varied professions. We are very happy with her professionalism.I wish her all the best