Renu Kalsi

Qualification :

Interior Designer from Rachna Sansad
BA Economics from Mumbai University
Diploma In Yoga Studies From Yog Vidya Niketan Founder Mr Nimbalkar

Work Experience :

Worked For 9 years of with Mr.Bharat Thakur's Artistic Yoga and 2 and half years of working as freelancer

Me Renu Kalsi a student of Yoga , has been learning through teaching yoga to my clients and students. Though I studied designing and economics, but with life's journey,I became a yoga teacher handling Bharat Thakur's classes at Bandra And Versova and handling private client ,which includes many celebrities, known businessman, and corporate personal.

This journey was not just about weight loss and toning celebrities and actors etc. but handling people with various diseases and above all stress and competition, which finally leads the human to all the emotional mental turmoil.

Controlling The mind through Yoga

Yoga is 'YUJ' joining our-self to the supreme, 'Sohamm' means God and I are one: Yoga is meditation in action when we practice, postures , hold them controlling the breath is the best way to control the thoughts in mind.Pranayams bring mental peace, gives oxygen to the brain and give cure from the disease of any kind. But disciplined regular practice is necessary to energize Surya and Chandra Nadies, And other important Nadies, called Gandhari, Hastajihva, Yashasvini, Pusha, Alambusha, Kuhu, Shankhini, Saraswati, Payasvini, Varuni, Vishvodhara which bring harmony in the other energy channels and Chakras in the human body.

Important Points For Weight loss :

  • Do Suryanamaskars in the morning sunlight gives energy, reduces fat and gives 'd3' for strong bones in the body. It's a Great cardio as the heart rate goes up blood flow improves in arteries, joints get flexible muscles get strong
  • Do Jalardhar bandha it produces thyroxine for weight loss. It can be done even sitting on chair.
  • Activating Surya Nadi through asanas and pranayama. increases the metabolism.
  • Light eating after sunset

Juices For Detox :

Basic detox juice for immunity is carrot, beetroot, Amala, mint leaves, ginger, celery, raw turmeric. Removes all toxins from the body.

Juices For Curing Arthritis :

Spinach, Celery, Carrot, Beetroot, Garlic.

Juices For insomnia :

Lettuce, Bitter-ground, Honey, Rauwolfia Herb

Juices For Diabetes:

Bittergourd, Amala, Grape Fruit, Meethi.


Stress, worry, anxiety, anger, insomnia, depression, and the other disease can be controlled with yoga.

healthy food for mind:

(1)Positive Auto suggestions:

That is talking all positive words to one self.

(2)Positive Hetro suggestions :

That is talking all positive words about others. Practice this for 40 days and see the peace in mind.



Austerity, penance, clairvoyance, intuition


love, faith, devotion, duty

Immortality, authority, name, fame

Sexuality, family


sahasrara Chakra

Ajna Chakra / Seat Of Intution

Vishuddha Chakra / Seat Of Expression

Anahat Chakra / Seat Of compation

Manipura Chakra / Seat Of Emotions

Swadisthan Chakra / Seat Of Desire :

Mooldhar Chakra /Seat Of Desire :

Rudra Granthi


Vishnu Granthi


Brahma Granthi